Our work and aims

Our methods of operation

The counselling and support of all the affected women and children who have experienced violence receive counselling and support. They are cared for by trained psychologists, social counsellors, lawyers and pedagogues. Regular training and supervision of all employees assure the quality of our work.

Counselling and support are available without any charge and everything is kept in the highest confidence.  Every woman  freely decides to come to the women’s shelter.

The social work of the Women’s Refuge Centre includes the guarantee of securing one's livelihood, support for integration (work, accommodation), support for filling in forms and applications, accompaniment to public authorities as well as the establishment of a social support group and much more. Furthermore the regional women’s refuge helps to find other qualified institutions.

The psycho-social counselling and support is orientated around the strengths and capabilities of each individual woman. Strategies for coping with violent experiences will be compiled and future prospects will be worked out, based on each individual’s capabilities.

The legal advice includes information within the framework of the Protection against Violence Act (police guidelines, restraining orders and temporary injunctions), as well as information on separation, divorce, temporary separated residences, maintenance support for women and child support, custody, visiting rights, visiting attendance and legal aid. Additionally there is the possibility of legal support in penal and civil law proceedings and if it is helpful for clients, they can be accompanied by a member of staff to court or to the police.  

Individual and socio-political aims of the Women’s Refuge Centre’s work   

By admitting both women and children who are threatened and affected by violence to the Women’s Reference Centre, where they receive councelling and support. Ensures first and foremost a limitation of damage. Once women are in a better place, physically and emotionally, our women's refuge centres provide the opportunity and help to move on with their lives.

Vicarious traumatisation should be avoided by all costs. In the long run women should attain their independence and autonomy as well as decide by themselves how they want to live their future lives without violence. In order to achieve that all our clients receive guidance on how to use social services as well as making full use of their rights.

Women can contact us via our emergency hotline 24/7. Making this call further enables women to register for the women's shelter. Crisis intervention , stabilization and drawing up solutions as well as referring to recources for help.

Through our work we want to make society aware of all the different forms of violence. Violence should never be considered as a taboo in society. Furthermore, it's our aim to achieve an improvement for legal protection for all persons concerned.