What we offer?

Protected accommodation:

The women’s refuge offers a place for up to five women and their children.

We provide a personal room for every woman with children. These individual accommodation units include a kitchen and a bathroom so that women can take care of themselves and their children.

You can contact the Women’s Refuge Centre via the Women’s EMERGENCY HOTLINE  +43 (0)664/500 68 68  - 24/7 around the clock.

Psychosocial and legal advice and social work support:

The women’s concerns and problems that we are confronted with, often consist of their first appeal to someone about the violence they have experienced, and the desire to changing their current living situation. Then preparing legitimate solutions.

Furthermore, women receive information regarding the Protection against Violence Act, help in cases of separation or divorce, important information about securing your livelihood, help with looking for a place to live and a place to work and information on claiming maintenance allowance as well as custodial care.

The clarification of refugee circumstances or counselling for the effected women in connection with the prosecution processes help them to realize and develop their future prospects. If necessary we further offer to accompany women to the authorities, police, courts and any other facilities.

Pedagogical counselling:

The social and pedagogical work with children in the Women’s Refuge Centre creates the possibility for children who are affected or threatened by violence, to cope with their experiences of violence and breakups in a safe place.

Treatment and support outside of the Centre

Women from the regions of Pinzgau or Pongau who are affected by violence but can’t or don’t wish to live in the Women’s Refuge Centre, can also obtain advice and support from staff who work primarily outside of the Centre. The aid they offer includes crisis intervention, psychological counselling and legal advice, which takes place close to home or via telephone. All our employees are fully flexible and mobile when needed to be.